Are you being your full and authentic self?

Are you feeling balanced, energized and on purpose? 

I can help you to embrace your unique self and live fulfilled and balanced life. 

My Mission
Helping you find your purpose, balance and joy.

⊙ To help you see that you have within you all that you need. 

⊙ To help you discover your strengths and talents and express them in your life.

⊙ To give you permission to be fully yourself and help you bring your gifts to the world.

⊙ To help you operate in a way that works with your energy levels and does not burn you out.

⊙ To build upon what is working and create habits that help you flourish.

⊙ To help you see that by doing so you will find fulfillment in work, life and relationships.

Discovering your purpose

During my school years I had such a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do. All the advice and resources given to me were pointing me towards extrinsic motivation, doing something because it would pay well, give me good future prospects or because this industry was growing. The tools to get to deeply know myself and my strenghts were really lacking. Also, the way to take good care of myself and my energy levels were something I began to discover on my own.

By discovering my unique gifts and talents and by creating habits that supported my well being and satisfaction I was able to make some changes. I am off course still always learning and changing but these foundations of self awareness and habits of well being are the most essential.

Some of the resources and tools that have really helped me have been positive psychology, meditation, human design, ayurveda and creative expression. In my coaching practice I work with these modalities to help you discover what really suits you. 

I believe everyone has unique gifts and energies. When we align with these talents and blueprints we will be able to flourish. Not like everyone else does, but in our unique way and by honoring our energy. By doing so we will contribute our gifts and in return find the connection we were looking for.

These are the modalities and tools that I use in my offerings to help peel back the layers to embrace your authentic self and cultivate well being:

Positive Psychology

As a certified positive psychology practicioner and coach I use science-based and practical tools to help you flourish.

Mindfulness, Transforming Limiting Beliefs, Discovering your Strengths.

Mindful Practices

I use tools and practices to help you stay connected to yourself, inspired and well rested.

Things like journalling, drawing, meditation and movement can all be put to practice to find a deeper connection to yourself.

Holistic Practices

I draw upon my knowledge of spiritual and holistic systems such as human design, the gene keys and ayurveda. These are ways looking at who you are and how you can create a life filled with well being and peace.

I love that these systems approach things in a holistic way: mind, body and spirit.


Well Being Session

Based on your questions, struggles and aspirations we look at small changes in your daily life that can have cumulative effect in your overall levels of wellbeing. 

By using the insights and tools of positive psychology and the holistic knowledge and practices of human design and ayurveda I am able to get to know you on a deep level and support your unique needs and aspirations.


1 hour: €75,-

Flourishing Sessions

If you want to delve deeper and have more consistent support we further delve into changes you can make in your daily habits and figure out what gives you energy and fulfillment. Based on your unique blueprint and constitution we are able to figure out what it is you uniquely need.

By building upon what is already working and adding in practices that support your purpose and well being you will be able to create sustainable change over the course of a few months.

5 sessions: €500,-

Blueprint Booklet

A pdf file of 15 pages consisting of the most important parts of your human design chart. Your type, profile, strategy, authority, centers, incarnation cross and your most influential gates.  

This can also be ordered for someone else, like a gift for when a child is born or for a birthday. (also available in Dutch)

1 blueprint booklet: €55,-


Positive psychology is the science of human flourishing. It focusses on mindset, flow experiences, relationships, meaning, achievement and vitality. Through scientific study practical tools for finding more fulfillment, peace and happiness can be applied. It was founded at the University of Pennsylvania by psychologist Martin Seligman and continued to grow and spread from there onwards. Positive psychology has provided me with some great insights into how to change habits, how to transform limiting beliefs and how other people matter so much in our flourishing and well being.

Human Design is a spiritual system that helps you discover your best way of operating in this world. Based on your specific time and place of birth a human design chart is generated. It shows you how to best make decisions, how to respond to life’s opportunities, how to use your energy in the correct way, your best environment, your strengths and much more. It is a really in depth system that has provided me with much insight about myself and the people around me. Although skeptical at first, I now really see it’s value and applicability in daily life. You can experiment with it and use what works for you. I love that it shows how everyone really has a unique operating system. With about 2 billion configurations, there really is no ‘one size fits all’.

Ayurveda means the science of life and it is an ancient system from India that looks at health and wellbeing from a holistic point of view. It is all about relations, how you relate to your food, the seasons, your environment, your mental state and to your emotions. I find it to be a very helpful tool for daily practices and rituals to find more balance. Such as ways of eating or self care practices that are attuned to your unique way of being. 

I am currently doing a certified ayurveda training to further develop my insight into this system.

We could either meet in person, I love taking walks in nature during coaching sessions, or we can plan a skype call. 

We focus on what is already working in your life, what your needs are and how we can build in those needs into daily habits in your everyday life. 

I practice deep listening and try to feel what it is that is important for you at this moment. I use my knowledge of positive psychology, creativity, mindfulness, human design and ayurveda and see which elements could serve you best. 

And most importantly, I help you connect to your own inner knowing so you will develop a more robust way of choosing what is right for you. 

If you have any questions, please be in touch!

I would love to guide you in embracing your unique self and flourishing with peace and fulfillment.

You can email me at:

Can’t wait to talk to you soon!